How to avoid a callout

We'd love to come and repair your coffee machine, but before you pick up the phone, have a quick look at the list may get you out of a hole!

If your machine not working at all:

*Check the power to the machine on the wall...Is it switched on?

*On the machine: is the power switch turned the heat position? (Usually a zig zag line)

*Does the machine have an electronic timer? (Automatically switches on/off at night) Check it's not in sleep/eco mode


No coffee/water from group head:

*Is it making a horrible noise when you press the button? If so check the water connection. Is it connected? Is the water turned on? (Will have its own isolator, usually a little blue tap)

*Is the pump running when you press a button? Gauge should read 9bar while it's running

*Are you using the correct filter basket: Single for a single shot, double for a double shot.

*Is the coffee grind too fine? Or have you dosed too much coffee into the basket? To check this, take out the porta filter (handle) and press the button.

Is there water? If there is then you need to make sure you are putting in two shots (14-18g), if still no water adjust the collar one notch in the "coarser" direction (usually anti clockwise) grind again for 3 seconds and discard all coffee in doser (should be grinding as you go anyway ;) and try again. Repeat the process one notch at a time until the coffee extracts at correct speed. It should take between 22-27 secs. (Depending on the blend you use) to pour a double shot from the time you press the button.


No steam from steam wand

*Check steam nozzles are not blocked. This can happen if you don't wipe and purge after every use!

*Is steam pressure gauge reading the correct pressure. (Should be about 1.2)

*Check steam knob is not broken on the shaft of the tap (usually spins when this happens)

*If machine is fitted with a site glass, check that there is enough water in the boiler. Should be half full (or half empty depending how many people are waiting!!!)

*Machine has been on for an hour or so at start of the day, water from groups is tepid and no steam from steam arms.... This is usually a stuck air valve, it can be easily rectified by opening your steam tap to allow air to escape from the boiler & reset the valve. You may hear a SSshhh sound as the air escapes, the machine should then automatically start to heat & reach operating temperature within 15 - 20 mins. Give us a call and we will replace the valve at the earliest opportunity.


No Hot water (for tea)

*Check machine is at working pressure (1.3 bar ish)

*Check diffuser isn't blocked (usually with there white crusty stuff around the tap?)

*If machine is fitted with a site glass, check that there is enough water in the boiler.

*Check steam knob is not broken on the shaft of the tap (usually spins when this happens)


Machine is leaking:

*If the water is clean: Is the braided hose leaking where it comes into the machine?

*If the water is dirty: Check waste pipe is not blocked/or if going into a bucket that the end is not sat in the water. (will cause an air lock)

*Remove drip tray and check waste box isn't blocked. (If you have a gaggia you may need to remove the two screws. Please take care not to round the heads off when putting back.

*If the leak cannot be stopped (and this is very important) please turn off the water supply (which of course is somewhere handy and quick to get to in an emergency!!) and switch power off at the mains.


Coffee tastes bad:

*Don't forget!!! We offer free comprehensive staff training to our coffee customers!! It's there so please take us up on the offer!

*Have the porta filters (group handles) and baskets been cleaned. (Should be done every night and at least once during service)

*Have the group heads been cleaned? Should be cleaned EVERY NIGHT with a cloth and bush THEN backwashed with 1/4 tea spoon of puly powder.

*How long does the coffee take to extract? (See above)

*Are the coffee beans stale? Just 24 hours after opening the beans will start to degrade. Ground coffee tastes rank after just 10 minutes so be sure to keep the bean hopper low during quiet periods and even when you're busy GRIND AS YOU GO! Even when you're rammed grinding as you go is no slower (and often quicker) than leaving the doser to fill up. If unsure we can show you how! Remember, between us we have had 89 years’ experience within the industry (I know right, and we look so youthful!) so we're here to help!

*Has the water softener been change recently?


Coffee is cold:

*Is the machine up to temp? (1.3 bar on the gauge)

*Are the porta filters (handles) always kept locked in place when not in use? You may think your being good by giving them a rinse after each drink and leaving them on the drip tray but the porta filters are more than a filter. They are an integral part of the extraction process and need to be kept up to temperature.

*Are you pouring into a cold cup? This will reduce the temperature of the coffee by up to 20c!


Coffee grounds in cup:

*Is the group head nice and clean?

*Is there coffee water leaking from around the tops of the porta filters? If so you need a service!

*Inspect the rim of the filter basket, should be nice and round, smooth and clean.

*When did you last have your grinder blades changed? Blades should be changed at least once per year, more than that if you are busy busy busy! Although we call it a grinder, it doesn’t really cuts the beans into equal sized grains. When the blades get blunt, they start to "grind/squash" the beans resulting in different size grains or "fines" being produced. These are small enough to pass through the filters. They also aver extract and make the coffee taste bad.

Moral of the story? New blades please!


Coffee delivery is too slow: Extraction extraction extraction!

* Is the correct filter basket in the correct handle? (Double/single)

*Your coffee grind is too fine

*Too much coffee being dosed

*Is the pump running and gauge showing 9bar?


Coffee delivery too fast?

*As above but the other way round! Too course, not enough coffee, pump pressure too high!


Coffee grounds in porta filter too wet...

*Normally caused when coffee is too fine

*and/or too little coffee is being dosed.


No Coffee in Doser:

*Check bean hopper slider is open

*Check beans are not stuck in hopper neck....(please ensure power is off before going anywhere near this)


Grinder not working:

*Is the grinder switched on?

*if it's an automatic grinder i.e. stops when the doser is full (naughty, don't let it fill!) if someone has touched the flap in the doser you will need to pull the handle a few times (even if the doser is empty) to reset it.

*is the grinder body warm? If so it's over heated and the safety cut out has come in. Nothing you can do right away, leave for 20m and try again. If it keeps doing it, it may be time for a meatier grinder with a bigger motor.