Cimbali is the largest espresso and cappuccino machine manufacturer in the world and is active in 100 countries around the globe.

The Cimbali brand is known for quality and innovation and we are very proud of our rich heritage which extends over 100 years.

We offer a comprehensive range of top quality equipment which delivers consistent in cup quality across the speciality coffee menu.  The range extends from traditional espresso machines to feature rich superautomatics each designed to meet the varying needs of the market.

Cimbali design engineers strive to innovate the market incorporating patented technologies which help improve machine performance and reliability whilst delivering optimum taste and quality.

Our customer  base extends from independent specialist coffee shops, retail,  foodservice  to non-specialist quick serve operations in the out of home, hotel, leisure, business and commerce sectors.

Cimbali is proud to partner with some of the biggest names in the UK retail and HORECA industries, each one with its own distinctive high demand for uncompromised coffee quality and service.

Q10 is the machine that is easy to use, versatile and compact. Able to deliver a complete beverage (chocolate optional) menu, it was designed for those locations with a production rate of up to 100 beverages per day.

The M1 is a superautomatic bean to cup machine, that sits no more than 350mm wide, making it one of the most compact, high performance machines on the market. Easy to use, M1 guarantees a superior in the cup quality.

M1 delivers a complete coffee menu utilizing coffee beans and fresh milk. The quality of the beverages is guaranteed by Cimbali’s renowned expertise in espresso extraction and by innovative milk frothing devices such as the Turbosteam and the MilkPS.